Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Wolves, Friends, and Etsy!

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Wow, I can't believe it's already been a week since my last TILT. My how time flies. Well, this past week was certainly full of fun activities... but let's start with this week's TILT picture; puppies! Though more specifically here, arctic wolf pups. I love dogs of all kinds, but my real passion is for wolves. I've been thinking a lot about wolves lately, between the direwolves in the Song of Ice and Fire books, my consideration of getting a tattoo and deciding on it being of a wolf, and my desire to start drawing again, with my first attempt being a sketch of a wolf. So it seems appropriate that my TILT picture of the week be of wolf puppies.

Now onto all the things I loved from last Thursday to this:

  • More enjoyment of each and every warm summer day we've had
  • Spending the week helping to set up for the garage sale (starting today through sunday.. drop by to see us and buy stuff!)
  • Making an appointment with my ortho to start physical therapy!
  • Spending lots of awesome time with my friends
    • Sleepover with Sabrina, making rice crispie treats, along with watching old 90's movies and tv shows
    • Going out to see the new X-Men movie with Markos and Sabrina, then staying up till 3am playing parcheesi
    • Enjoying a wonderful surprise visit from Samia and little Alexis-Marie
  • Using my free movie ticket to see the Hangover Part II finally!
  • Fixing the pond for my mom so the waterfall flows down the rocks a lot nicer
  • Writing up my first Should Do Saturday, along with already jotting down ideas for my next one
  • Talking with an old crush of mine and finally feeling my self esteem go back on the rise
  • Being able to bend my knee more freely - the stiffness is finally fading out
  • Making an official facebook event for our summer party!
  • Allowing myself to further be consumed by Etsy, but not caring one bit, because it's helping me accomplish one of my shoulds that will be posted this Saturday

  • And last but not least, picking out a pretty set of gothic, renaissance-like gloves (also on Etsy) to go along with my outfit for the Great Lakes Medieval Faire coming up soon! Hopefully I'll have enough money for them starting next month. Damn you Etsy and your drain on my bank account...

Well there's this week's list of things I love. Thanks to Things I Love Thursday, I'm starting to feel even more peppy than I already had, and when I only focus on and recap on all the fun accomplishments I made all week, I'm feeling my last shreds of negativity begin to melt away. 

What do you love?

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  1. Those wolf pups are so cute!! And are the arm warmers from Zen and Coffee? They make great gloves! It's where I got mine for the wedding. And she'll customize for you!