Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Obsessions over books

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It's been 2 weeks since my last TILT, so one would assume I'd have a LOT to put down in this post. But thanks to my limited memory bank, since it has been 2 weeks, I've pretty much forgotten everything. However, there were several large events that happened since last time, so here there are.

This week's TILT picture involves one of my current weekly loves. It hasn't happened just yet, but will within this next week: the 5th installment of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Dance with Dragons, will be released on Tuesday. I am freaking out with excitement, so even though this should really belong in next week's TILT, it has given me so much joy in the past few days that of course I'm listing it as something I love this week!

But here is the official Things I Love Thursday list:

  • My love and passion of books, and the endless joy and entertainment they bring me
  • Our party on June 25th being a smashing success!
  • Spending the entire 4th of July weekend with friends, family, and neighbors alike
  • Citronella candles
  • Napoleon's disinterest of barking at fireworks - he just barks at everything else
  • The Cleveland Metroparks system
  • Starting physical therapy fiiiiinally! And the wonderful therapists I have
  • Being diligent about doing the work outside of therapy, to guarantee I recover as fast as possible
  • Fitness 19 - the gym responsible for helping me keep this goal, at very reasonable prices
  • Making an unexpected but awesome friend out of Mark, and finding out all the things in common that we love
  • Re-obsessing over Final Fantasy music thanks to the aforementioned new friendship
  • The Great Northern Mall
  • Discovering that I actually had extra money this month after all my bills were paid
  • Birthday shopping for my mom and finding exactly what she's been wanting (second time in a row, first time being for Mother's Day)
  • Spoiling myself with the new Sims Medieval game, since I had money leftover after mom's bday shopping
  • Coming across yet another cute, chic cafe to sit and read in
  • Ordering a new bicycle! It will be here in 2 weeks!
  • Looking up all kinds of fun accessories to put on said bike
  • My new love for omelettes
  • Finding out I can help the always awesome Jen out in some way <3
  • Paypal, and modern postal services
  • Successfully completing my 3rd day as a vegetarian - it's not as hard as I originally thought
  • Krissy (one of my cats) looking healthier and actually acting nice for a change
  • The free pre-screening movie tickets I get every couple of weeks
  • Meeting and talking with strangers
  • Mom and I being fight free for a long while now
  • All the time I've gotten to spend lately with my amazing friends
  • Stress free living (for now)
  • Being healthy and waking up genuinely happy every single morning
That's all I've got for the past 2 weeks. But they were an amazing couple of weeks. <3 What have you loved recently?

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